Check out this new video where a physics student questions an LAPD officer’s intelligence. Granted, the issue at hand concerns elementary math, and so the fact that this dude is a physics major really doesn’t mean much. Regardless, it’s still funny that the cop is absolutely clueless. I think my favorite line is, “The little extra zeros don’t mean shit.” Of course they don’t Officer Doofy, that’s why 10 + 10 = 2, right? Quick back story as told by the guy involved:

He tells me that I blew double the legal limit on the breathalyzer, then proceeds to put his breathalyzer away. I only had two beers at this point so I request that he shows me the reading on the breathalyzer. He is not able to pull up the reading so I call BS and tell him to redo the test. I do, and again, he claims double the legal limit. But this time I can see the screen and it reads .016. I tell him that .08 is the legal limit and .16 would be double that not .016. Obviously, the officer does not know his basic arithmetic! After all is said and done he gives me the option of letting me go if I decide not to file a police report. For the record this is a wonderful officer from the LAPD.

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