E3 Expo is coming… June 10th – 13th, 2013


The Consoles Will Rise beginning June 10th

That is right folks, E3 is just around the corner. That means the Rise of the Machines Or at least the next-Gen consoles. The convention officially opens on June 11th in Los Angeles. However the Big companies, like Microsoft and Sony, will have there press conferences on Monday June 10th. Nintendo will not have their own  live conference this year, instead they will have a Nintendo direct, which will take place on June 11th. This year both Microsoft and Sony decided to unveil there consoles prior to E3. Hopefully with the introduction of both the Xbox One and The Playstation 4, the conferences will focus on games. However I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

E3 has always been about showcasing the new and exciting future games and consoles, along with other great tech. This year the Conference will open up with Microsoft further discussing the Xbox One, the new Kinect, and hopefully Xbox One games. The Microsoft conference will begin Monday, June 10th at 9AM PDT. For those of us who are not attending E3, like ourselves. We can catch the event live on Spike TV or you can catch the event streaming online here.  As we progress through the day, Sony will have their press conference on Monday as well beginning at 5:20pm PDT. However you better show up at 5pm just in case they start early. Sony will be wrapping up Day 0 of the E3 Press conference, hopefully on a high note. There will be other press conferences through out the 10th of June that I will list below.

If Day 0 left you aching for more videogames, never fear Nintendo is here! Nintendo will be holding there Nintendo direct on June 11th at 7AM PDT, so get your coffee ready or the drink of your choice cause this event is early. You will be able to catch the event live here. Nintendo directs have always been very exciting and this event is sure one not to miss. Rumor has it that they will be discussing the new installment of Super Smash Brothers, one of my favorite fighting series. I still remember the first time i laid eyes on Super Smash Bros 64. Anyways Nintendo is sure to have some great announcements coming from there nintendo direct stream. I mean they better because my “Next-Gen” Wii U console is collecting dust. C’mon Nintendo just give me Zelda Wii U and a New Smash Bros and I Will be Happy.


E3 will be an exciting or remorseful few days for gamers so prepare your scotch cause you will either drink in celebration or drown your sorrows, cause ladies and gentleman apparently the future of gaming is upon us. Listen up Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony please provide us with a great gaming future cause right now the future is looking bleak. From what i have seen so far nothing has impressed me enough to buy your consoles. I have yet to see something that can’t be done on the current Ps3 or Xbox 360. Let us know what you are looking forward to at this years E3. Make sure to keep it here on Planet Drock for your E3 gaming updates.

E3 Press Conferences:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Monday June 10th

  • Microsoft Live Press Conference 9AM PDT (Spike TV ) Or Online
  • EA Live Press Conference 12:20PM PDT  Streaming Here.
  • Ubisoft Live Press Conference 2:40pm PDT Online Here.
  • Sony Live Press Conference 5:20pm PDT Watch Here.

 Tuesday June 11th

  • Nintendo Direct at E3 7AM PDT Watch Here.

E3 will also be showcasing special behind the scenes and exclusive gameplay which you can catch live online. For the full schedule of events please visit the official E3 Website. Here are some Direct links to Day 1 of Stages that will be showcasing the show floor and games, Stage 1, Stage 2, Live Cam.

Have a Good E3…

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