Tons of Games Announced For Xbox One!

At today’s Microsoft conference they announced many upcoming games for the Xbox One, Most of them exclusive or have a first release contract with Microsoft. Did they deliver a great lineup for the launch of the Xbox one in November? Here is a list some of the games that were announced at today’s conference…



Ryse: Son Of Rome Developed by Crytek.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a third person combat game that takes place during the Roman Times. The Game looks Rad and the game play that was shown looked like an authentic look at roman fighting. The graphics looked fantastic. This will possibly be a great selling launch title for the Xbox One. The Combat style seems to be a cross between basic punch and kick button commands and quick time events.The quicktime events are initiated when the enemies health is low. A button icon appears over their head and a quick time event is initiated to kill the enemy in some pretty gruesome Roman violence. I am definitely looking forward to this game. I am sure Crytek will deliver a great look at the Roman empire.

Here is the game play Demo shown at today’s conference…

The First few minutes reminds me of the D-day Beach scene in saving private Ryan.



Killer Instinct by Microsoft studio

Yes that is right the 1994 arcade classic is coming exclusively to Xbox One. I never played this game in the arcade but when it was later ported over to the SNES. My favorite character was Riptor the velociraptor and i think Jurassic park had something to do with this. The game is looking great they showed a battle that had Jago and Sabrewulf going head to head, it was a little one sided however. Hopefully it keeps many of the original characters. The game is looking great and I am sure it will be a great seller do to it’s nostalgia. From the looks of the game play that was shown it seems to have an arcade feel behind the fighting mechanics. We will have to wait to see more of the game as E3 continues…



Forza 5 by Turn10 games and Microsift Studios

There is not much to say about Forza 5 except that it has more cars and the graphics are better. However they did discuss a new feature called Drivatar, which is a strange word within itself. Basically what drivatar is a feature where the game learns from your driving. It allows it to re-create your driving style as far as when you break and overtake cars than it applies to an online racing mode, cloud powered AI, that races for you when you are not playing. It is a lot more complex than what i am making it sound. I am not to into realistic simulated games but this feature of drivatar seems pretty neat. I will just stick with Mario Kart for now.


Dead Rising 3

I have never played any of the dead rising games but i might just have to play this one. The game looks ridiculous and takes place in California. Dead rising has zombies and lots of them. The footage looks ridiculous and seems so over the top, it just plain looks like a good time. The crafting system lets you craft weapons in real time, so it places you in constant danger. At one point in the game the player crafts a mallet and chainsaw together. He than proceeds to just mow down zombies and finishes the last one by throwing his weapon and splitting the zombie in two. Perfect!


Titan Fall developed by Respawn

This has to be my favorite game that was announced at the Microsoft conference. Mech suits versus Mech Suits versus Humans. It looks awesome and beautiful.  Just check out the footage…

That was only a few of the games that where shown off in today’s Microsoft press conference stay tuned for more games and announcements from Sony and Nintendo…

Let us know what you thought about the MS Conference ? I will leave you with this…



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