Xbox One release date and price announced!

Coming this November 2013.. Just in time for the Holidays.


Ladies and Gentleman the xbox one has a release date of November 2013. However a specific date has not been released we can expect the new console to arrive just in time for the holiday season. You can now also reserve your Xbox one at your local gaming outlet starting today. Along with a release date, Microsoft also released the price for the Next-Gen Console. The new Xbox one will cost $499 which will include the Console, the Kinect one, and controller. Not all Xbox one details have been released but with do time I am sure we will hear about it closer to launch.

It is very exciting hearing all the new news on the next generation consoles and the perspective games. At this point i think i am ok with the consoles i have and will possibly wait for a price drop. I believe $499 is a little steep for a new console that I am still not sure how their online service will work. The last we heard from microsoft is that the Xbox one will require you to connect online every 24hours in order to access your games.  What do you guys think? Is $499 a good start point for a Next Gen Console? Stay tuned here for more information coming from the E3 Floor.

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