PS4 Will let you buy games on Disc and not force you to Authenticate

I think most people will throw their torches down with what Sony just announced today. The big rumor going around the web has been the abolishment of the physical game copies. It seemed that the Microsoft and Sony were both going to abandon this format in lieu of a download game only system. This might not seem like a huge deal to some, but it most certainly is for a few reasons.







  • 1. You can still buy a game and take it to a friends house. If all your games were downloaded and DRM locked to your console this would not be possible. It would require you to lug the whole system around with you.
  • 2. Used games!! Without games being copied to a physical format this aspect would be gone. No longer could you buy and sell used games at your local game stop.
  • 3. The ownership effect. Some people(myself included) just like to have a physical copy of the game. There is a special feeling when it comes to holding an actual Chrono Trigger cartridge in your hand.


On the downside there is no longer going to be a free internet service for multiplayer. Playstation Plus will now be a requirement if you want to play the next big shooter on the Sony’s next console.

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