Captain Olimar Joins Super Smash Brothers.

Captain Olimar is the next confirmed character coming to the new super smash brothers.






I use to love playing with Olimar. He wasn’t the easiest fighter to master but he was a great character to troll your friends with. The Pikmin fighter lives to see another fighting game. The screen shots shown so far seem to confirm that he will be returning to the Wii U version. I have not seen any screen shots involving him in the 3ds version, we will see soon enough. With that being said with the confirmation of Olimar. I have a theory that Nintendo may be bringing characters from games that are to be future release through out the years to come. So I believe that in the near future we will see the release of Luigi, sonic, Toon Link or Link to the Past link, and maybe Bayonetta. What do you guys think, Let us know below…


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