Pacific Rim – Review

Giant F**king Robots, fighting Giant F**king Monsters!











When I first heard of this film was back in 2011 at a Legendary pictures panel at San Diego Comic Con. Guillermo Del Toro came out to the stage to and was welcomed with hundreds of fans giving him a standing ovation. Now in 2013 the film is finally released and thousands will stand and applaud when the film ends.



Pacific Rim
Directed by Guillermo Del Toro
Legendary Pictures and Warner Brother Pictures
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi
Release Date: July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim was my most anticipated film of the summer. As previously mentioned I have been following this film since the announcement at 2011 Comic con. Each year that passed the anticipation would grow with every panel I attended. So with that in mind, my expectations where high coming into this film. The film begins, let the first 15 minutes of the film set the tone for the action packed emotional return to your childhood.

As a child growing up in the 90’s I watched a lot of Sci-fi flicks and TV Shows. There was nothing like watching Godzilla terrorize the city of Japan and in later  films defending it. Watching the original Power Rangers jump into giant mechanical suits of armor and defending the town of angel grove. Seeing ordinary vehicles and watching them transform into ultimate robot fighting machines in Transformers.


There is more than meets the eye and Pacific Rim delivers nothing but eye candy and childhood memories of playing with toys. If you are looking for an depth story there aint much to look for. Except for robots defending the world from extinction of the human race.  However with that being said, Guillermo Del Toro creates enough story to develop a fantastic cast  that delivers good acting as well as some comedic humor. The Film begins with a fight between Jaeger’s (The Giant Robots) and Kaiju’s (The Aliens Race), who have risen do to a portal that has breached the earth’s core. The film follows, without going into spoilers, our protagonist Raleigh Becket who suffers a tragic loss to a Kaiju. 5 years later the Jaeger program is losing it’s funding from it’s representatives across the world and are left with only four machines to do battle.  They reinstate Becket into the program after being MIA for 5 years. The human race extinction lies in the hands of four Jaeger robots, from different parts of the country against an increasing population of Kaiju’s ascending from the depths of the sea.


The story of Pacific Rim isn’t very deep however it does answer alot of the questions that you may have during the film. The film also creates a great opportunity for every character in the film to shine. Every character has their counter part which the play off each other. For example Charlie day’s character Newton and his counter part scientist gottlieb, played by Burn Gorman. They play opposite scientist who disagree with each other but must work together in the end to find a solution to the problem at hand. Charlie day plays an awesome scientist, he definetly shines in every scene that he is in. His Geeky/nerdy scientist persona allows him to create humor even in some rough situations. There is some good acting in the film and it allows for some great dramatic moments as well, most which involve Mako and Stacker, a former Jaeger pilot. This movies has heart and it is hidden behind all the robots and monsters. Guillermo created a story about Robots and Monsters but has undertones of Family, respect, and honor in times of crisis. Guillermo does a fine job in communicating with his audience that in times of tragedy we must find help in those that are close to us. However it is sometimes undermined through the acting.


The film has beautifully crafted robots and aliens. The World of Pacific Rim looks fantastic in IMAX 3D. I highly recommend seeing this film in that format. Guillermo does a great job placing you in the front seat in his giant, 2 person controlled robots. His directing style is phenomenal and makes you feel very miniature in the giant universe he has created. The Kaiju’s and Jaeger battle are intense and action packed. They always keeping you guessing and full of surprises that seem to spawn from a child’s imagination. Guillermo Del Toro is always constantly reminded you that in the world of Pacific Rim you are a tiny human compared to these monsters. Inside the Robots head is wear the Jaeger pilots are placed and Guillermo does an amazing job in making his audience feel every punch and blow that the robots take. This is all brought together with a magnificent soundtrack that creates some epic moments.


There are so many things that I can mention that are utterly incredible about the film. My favorite being the Neuron Handshake which synchronize the memories of the 2 pilots. This constantly reminded me of Power Rangers all coming together and initializing the Megazord. Guillermo even finds a way to implement the pilots calling out their moves as they perform it, brilliant. However the film does has it’s plot holes and moments where the acting falls a little short, specifically the final motivational speech. As well as the final fight were it becomes a little anti-climatic from the previous battle. Bottom line is that Pacific Rim has it all, action, aliens, robots, drama, comedy, and black marketing of alien parts and their poo. Pacific Rim does the job of resurrecting the once popular monster destruction movies. It reminisces the films of its past like Godzilla and even resembling popular anime’s like Gundam. Even though I may have some gripes and groans about the film. The overall experience of Pacific Rim overshadows these concerns and becomes my favorite blockbuster of the Summer, so far, but i doubt any left will come close. Pacific Rim a Childhood memory brought to life on a big screen.

A well deserved 8 out of 10…


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