The Mighty No. 9 Update

Anyone following the kickstarter for The Mighty No. 9 all ready know whats going down. For those of you that are not, what is wrong with you? This game is going crazy. It has gone over double its initial funding cost, and been crushing stretch goals left and right. The pace has slowed a bit, but there are still 20 days left!

Keiji Inafune the fans have responded and you know without a doubt, people want these types of games. I want these types of games. By leaving capcom you did the best thing possible for the fans. Capcom has been dragging their feet with the franchise for a while now. We did get the retro megaman 1 era throwbacks as downloadable content for consoles(awesome games!). We did get the megaman and the x collections. There was a 3d reinvention of megaman x, but I think everyone wants something bigger than that. The Mighty No. 9 is that something bigger. The new features are going to change the original mold, but its going to add a needed new element. I really want the co op game play to become a reality. This has been a feature I have wanted for years.

If you have not done it all ready go check out the kickstarter page here. If you like what you see then donate to this awesome project if you can.

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