StarCraft Universe (Funded on Kickstarter)

Fan of Starcraft? Fan of MMO’s? Then you need to check on StarCraft Universe! link Upheaval Arts has successfully funded their project via kickstarter and are on their way to building this awesome game. But wait! Isn’t Blizzard going to kill this project just like Square Enix has to all fan games? The answer to that is no. Upheaval Arts has got everyone covered. They have worked with Blizzard in the past submitting bug reports, and while Blizzard is not working on this game, they have given their blessing.

The game will be free to play and as of right now it will have classes for Terran and Protoss. Upheaval Arts has taken the Starcraft 2 engine and completely ripped it apart to make this game hack run like a completely different game. Its hard to know exactly how the game will play but there are some videos up to give you an idea. The game will run on Starcraft 2 starter version so it will be completely free.

Even though their kickstarter has closed they are still accepting paypal donations to fund stretch goals here. If you like the project and can support I would suggest you do so.

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