DesignSpark Mechanical~ A free modeling Tool!

DesignSpark has just released a free 3d Modeling tool. I am currently downloading it to give it a try, but if it is anything close to what the videos have shown it will be a very welcome addition to anyone that wanting a free 3D CAD tool.

Free 3D CAD tools do exist, but most of them are very lacking and the free tools really shine when it is just 2D. DesignSpark has done this once before when they release their PCB editing tool which while I have not used it looks to be very polished for a free program.

With 3D printers becoming more more available this makes people looking to develop models on the cheap have an affordable option. Another nice feature is the ability to import PCB layouts with part mockups to build give a visual aid when designing enclosures.

Once I have used the program I will put up an actual review of the program itself. I am keeping my fingers crossed as most modern modeling tool cost thousands of dollars and this could really give an edge the little guy or cash strapped company.

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