SGC 2014 Indie Gameroom Screwattack

SGC 2014 just happened. There were some big names there (the father of megaman anyone?) but this is about the little guys. One of my favorite features of SGC was the Indy game room. This is a place where indie developers can all showcase the games they were working on. There were plenty of developers there with great games. A few stood out to me.

Grapple is this awesome 3d puzzle game. The game has been in development for quite some time now and has even gone through a whole game engine change. You are basically a ball that grapples around a map trying to get the end going through numerous obstacles. It relies entirely on physics and is a very unique game play experience.




Wrack is a fast pace 1st person shooter slasher that is cell shaded. When I say its fast pace that could be a bit of an understatement. The movement of the game is very fast and it was very fun trying to jump in and just play the game. While I said its not a shooter there are guns, they are just not as fun to use as the bad ass sword.




Stardust Vanguards

Do you like gundams? Do you like 2d fighting games that take place in space and you can fly around? Then you will like Stardust Vanguards. This was a very clean, polished game that took the mobile flying robots that we all love and put them in a space arena to fight each other. Oh and there are some surprises that happen during the match as well….



Super Win The Game
Retro. This game screams it. Old school puzzle solving and adventuring. But it is not all cupcakes and ice cream. There are many ways to die. This game comes out in October and I am buying it. I love old school games an cannot wait to get this one.




Battle Kid
Retro? Wait I just used retro huh? but if the last title screamed retro this one bleeds it. Not only is this a throwback to the old school 2d games I can’t get enough of, this game actually plays on an NES. Nintendo Entertainment System. This game came out a few years ago in actuality and I did not see it. But now that I have I own it and let me tell you everyone likes this game. My brothers, their friends, my dad. Any one that sees this old school game with these challenging obstacles just wants to play. It runs on the old school code system, only now I have a camera phone so I don’t have to spend so much time writing down codes to save my progress. Also there is a sequel I am buying as soon as I beat the first one.






This concludes my list.  There were other great games but these 5 really stood out to me.  Try them out.  let me know what you think.  Most importantly…. GAME ON!



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