To beer brewers around the world.

As I sit here at 12am with a cold brew in my hand, my heart is filled with grattetude. It’s not often that I become emotional, but it’s time somebody took a stand and spoke up for a good cause. And so, with that, I just wanted to take some time out of my day to say thank you. Thank you to the hardworking men and women who bravely brew beer for the masses on a daily basis. Without you beer brewers, I would have no night cap, no drunken hookups, and no unexplainable Uber charges. Weddings would not be the same, and neither would funerals. UFC Fights and NFL games would be a lot more like professional golf, and professional golf would be a lot more like knitting.

Brewers, it’s people like you who make the World a better place. A place full of hoppy malty goodness. A place where I can make bad decisions and then selfishly blame it on the sweet nectar of the beer gods. With so much wrong in the World, you are what is right. Sometimes I sit and I think, how can I ever repay you, but alas I must admit that I cannot. And yet, I still shall strive to do so.

I’ll drink more beer. I’ll enjoy more fruits of your labor, and I’ll be forever grateful for your existence.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you beer brewers.

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