Student Gives Teacher a Lesson

We’ve all had a teacher that really didn’t belong in the teaching profession. And, we’ve all had a moment where we wished we could just…

Charles Ramsey Music Video

If you’ve heard about the saga of the three kidnapped (and now escaped) Ohio women, you know that it was Charles Ramsey who was able…

Tech Bubble?

Are we on the precipice of another tech bubble? I’m not sure, but the song sure is catchy.

Crazy Martial Arts Kick

The more you watch it, the less sense it makes.

Google Glass Demo

By now you’ve probably heard about Google Glass, the latest ultra-futuristic product to be developed by Google. Though Glass is still only available in limited…

A Drunk History Lesson

Similar to yesterday’s post, this is another short narrated by a drunk person. However, this one is a little bit more educational as the guy…

Animated Short About Corn Chips

What happens when your wife drinks a bottle of wine and tells a joke? Record the joke and turn it into an animated short of…


In the spirit of the save Todd campaign going on at indigogo I wanted to write about another show that could use some new life. …

Dude Goes for a Ride

This guy is an early nominee for the 2013 PlanetDrock Stupid Ass of the Year (SAY) award.

Make sure Todd and The Book of Pure Evil gets One last Bloody Gig!

So if you don’t know what Todd and The Book of Pure Evil is step one is watch the show immediately.

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