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A hidden gem that will keep you laughing…

Don Jon

In theaters September 27 2013

Starring: Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlette Johansson


If you have seen the trailer for Don Jon it sort of resembles a Jersey Shore feel. But let me assure you that this is the complete opposite. Don Jon follows  Jon, Joseph Gordon Levitt, a playboy from jersey who has an obsession to pornography.  Jon is not the person who doesn’t enjoy sex but he feels more sexually satisfied masturbating to a good porno. He spares no details in letting the audience know what his like and dislikes are. Thus enters Barbara, Scarlette Johansson, a stuck up jersey girl who gets what she wants at whatever cost. A different role from her latest films.  Barbara being the manipulative person she is begins to muzzle Jon. Giving him an ultimatum in which he must decide between a Perfect 10 woman or his addiction with porn.


Don Jon is a comedy and it delivers in every way possible. The cast is filled with characters that make it hard to believe they exist in the real world. Besides the two main characters  of Jon and Barbara, we have Tony Danza’s character of Jon Sr. He is fantastic in this film. He shines in every scene. He makes a great father for JGL. My only complain was that there needed to be more of him. He is very smutty that it’s hard to believe that they are a very religious family who attend church every Sunday. With a cast full of such eccentric characters there needs to be one who brings them back down to earth, that is where Julianne Moore. She is a middles aged free-spirited woman who has recently lost her husband and is keeping busy by attending college. She then meets Jon and they develop a rather awkward friendship. A friendship that allows them to communicate about their current relationship even though they come from different backgrounds.


It is hard to believe that this is JGL first time directing and he does a superb job. He did a fantastic job bring a cast and crew together for this film. One of aspects of the film that I enjoyed most was the editing. The editing was cut so well that even though you knew something was coming in the next scene you would still laugh. A moment where this shines in particular is when ever his computer is turned on or he pays a visit to his weekly confessionals. When watching the film keep an eye out for these moments they will bring a smile every time.


When I watched this film I was lucky enough to sit in a Q&A  with the director himself Joseph Gordon Levitt. He talked a lot about what it took to make this film happen. He looked in all directions to get any help and knowledge from other directors on how to pursue this film. While on the set of the Dark Knight Rises he asked director Christopher Nolan for advice. JGL said that he was a huge influence in helping him pursue his ideas and Guiding him while he wrote his script. Another thing JGL talked about was the casting of the film. He said that when he was writing the characters for Don Jon he had already had Scarlette Johansson in mind for the character of Barbara. He wrote her character for her. He knew that she would be able to deliver the role that he was looking from previous films of her such as ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’. It was pretty fantastic hearing JGL discuss him film and being in that audience.



Being JGL directorial debut, Don Jon delivers a film that is reminiscent of a high production student film. Which is not a bad thing cause lots of Hollywood films  get drowned in CGI and explosions. They sometimes forget to stick to the basic and allow creativity, writing and good direction to get underwhelmed. As my thoughts come to a close Don Jon is funny a great film that will be a cult classic. If you are a fan of JGL or Scarlette Johansson you should check out this film. If you are not, than you should give it a try anyways cause this is one of those films that will surprise a lot of people.

Don Jon – 8 out 10

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