Con Man is out…..


I just finished watching the first 4 parts of Con Man and I am stoked. For those who have no idea what I am talking about Con Man is a crowd funded projected by the great Alan Tudyk. The show was rejected by any real life TV folk so Alan decided to take the show on by himself with the help of fans in the form of an indiegogo campaign.

After being on firefly Alan was subject to some crazy situations at the conventions he attended around the world. The show draws comedic parallel based on the things that actually happened to him. To be more specfic Alan’s character in Con Man played the pilot of a space ship in a show called Spectrum…. If that is not making your eyebrows raise Nathan Fillion’s character played the captain for the space ship on Spectrum…. If you are still not seeing the fandom here Nathan’s character has gone on to fame and fortune, while Alan’s character has not.

The show is broken up into 3 installments of 4 10 minute shorts. It sounds confusing and is different than a conventional show, but it works. It has a nice pace, a great cast, and above all it makes you laugh. The show is out right now to backers and very soon to those who are just joining in. It is exclusively on vimeo.

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