Charles Ramsey Music Video

If you’ve heard about the saga of the three kidnapped (and now escaped) Ohio women, you know that it was Charles Ramsey who was able…

Crazy Martial Arts Kick

The more you watch it, the less sense it makes.

Dude Goes for a Ride

This guy is an early nominee for the 2013 PlanetDrock Stupid Ass of the Year (SAY) award.

Tony is a Crazy Bastard

Wait for it, wait for it…

Gymnast Does Ridiculous Backflips!

My reaction to this clip below…

Playing With 40 Kilos of Liquid Mercury

I’m pretty sure what this guy is doing is incredibly dangerous, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun. WARNING!!!! This is extremely Dangerous!!!…

Steve Carrell Before He Was Famous

We all have to start somewhere.

Technology at its finest ladies and gentlemen

This is what years of technical schooling will produce, well worth it.

Serbian soccer fans are insane!

If you ever find yourself attending a soccer game in Serbia, make sure to wear fire resistant clothing…

What is random awesomeness?

RA, Random Awesomeness. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps you haven’t. But what does it all mean, Basil? Well, in the humble beginnings of this very site…

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