The Official Anchorman 2 Trailer Has Arrived
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The Official Anchorman 2 Trailer Has Arrived

You’ve waited for it, and now PlanetDrock is going to deliver it. That’s right, we’ve got a copy of the official¬†Anchorman 2 trailerin its entirety….

Futurama Canceled Yet Again
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Futurama Canceled Yet Again

Futurama¬†Canceled Futurama is worse than your teenage romance with its on-again, off-again relationship with network television. Co-creator David Cohen was not shocked when he received…

A Drunk History Lesson

Similar to yesterday’s post, this is another short narrated by a drunk person. However, this one is a little bit more educational as the guy…

Animated Short About Corn Chips

What happens when your wife drinks a bottle of wine and tells a joke? Record the joke and turn it into an animated short of…


In the spirit of the save Todd campaign going on at indigogo I wanted to write about another show that could use some new life.¬†…

Make sure Todd and The Book of Pure Evil gets One last Bloody Gig!

So if you don’t know what Todd and The Book of Pure Evil is step one is watch the show immediately.

New Web Series About a Group of Young Fathers

The series is about a group of young deadbeat Dads, and so far I have to say, it’s pretty hilarious. You can visit their official…


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